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Anthony Horowitz’s story

I love the atmosphere, the outside courtyards – I even love the food.

Regular British Library user Anthony Horowitz is the bestselling author of children’s novels including the Alex Rider books. He is also a television screenwriter, the creator of ITV’s popular Midsomer Murders and Foyle’s War, the detective series set during the Second World War.

“It is probably Foyle’s War that brings me to the British Library more often than anything. For example, I was working on an episode about the British Free Corps, a group of British prisoners of war who were recruited by Hitler. I really needed to get under the skin of the characters.

At the British Library I located a key book – the memoir of a spy planted in the unit. A footnote about the use of coded messages led to another rare volume about MI9, the wartime intelligence service. If you see the episode you will see the code is fully described. So that is why I love coming here. It really is a one-stop shop.

I also find material for my children’s books at the Library. Sources have included the sixth century text upon which the Power of Five series is based. The British Library is the most wonderful resource. I love the atmosphere, the outside courtyards – I even love the food. And of course all the books in the world at my fingertips.”

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