What does the British Library mean to you?

What does the British Library mean to you?

How important is the Library for your research? We know that the Library helps many Readers reach their goals – you can see some of their inspiring stories here. We are keen to hear how we have helped you, and this is your chance to tell us your own success story!

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Natalie Ellis’s Story

Readers’ stories

  • Marco’s Story
    Marco’s picture
    a place in which the imagination can travel...
  • Jenny’s Story
    Jenny’s picture
    The extraordinary resources of the British Library
  • Cheryl’s Story
    Cheryl’s picture
    Captivated by Whistler
  • Jo Stanley’s Story
    Jo Stanley’s picture
    Writing about marginalised peoples' histories
  • Lucy’s Story
    Lucy’s picture
    Designer of couture fabrics and gowns
  • Jesús Montero’s Story
    Jesús Montero’s picture
    ...it fuels my pen.
  • Phillipa’s Story
    Phillipa’s picture
    Designer of ‘Breathing Relief’
  • Philip’s Story
    Philip’s picture
    Composer and conductor
  • Linda’s Story
    Linda’s picture
    Historical crime writer
  • Richard’s Story
    Richard’s picture
    Expert in Renaissance literature
  • Jill’s Story
    Jill’s picture
    Novelist making Rupert Brooke discoveries
  • Fliss’s Story
    Fliss’s picture
    Working with children with learning difficulties
  • Zandra’s Story
    Zandra’s picture
    Children’s furniture creator
  • James’s Story
    James’s picture
    Reporter on worldwide horseracing
  • Gaverne’s Story
    Gaverne’s picture
    Award-winning poster designer
  • Hugh’s Story
    Hugh’s picture
    Investigating public issue radio
  • Jennifer’s Story
    Jennifer’s picture
    Horticultural historian
  • David’s Story
    David’s picture
    Prize-winning writer, poet & translator
  • Simon’s Story
    Simon’s picture
    Writer on Victorian literature
  • Abigail’s Story
    Abigail’s picture
    A Jonathan Swift detective
  • Anne’s Story
    Anne’s picture
    From Middle English to Physics
  • Anne’s Story
    Anne’s picture
    17th century specialist
  • Christian’s Story
    Christian’s picture
    Environmental law professional
  • Peter’s Story
    Peter’s picture
    Researching food from farm to fork
  • Peter’s Story
    Peter’s picture
    Giving health advice in plain English
  • Nathan’s Story
    Nathan’s picture
    A ‘Top Ten Most Outstanding Black Graduate’
  • Mary’s Story
    Mary’s picture
    Singer, musician & song researcher
  • Marcus’s Story
    Marcus’s picture
    A wild food forager & teacher
  • Joel’s Story
    Joel’s picture
    Writer and TEAR fund aid worker
  • Graham’s Story
    Graham’s picture
    Feeding forgotten plays into today’s theatre
  • Louisa’s Story
    Louisa’s picture
    Orange Prize nominated novelist
  • David’s Story
    David’s picture
    Forecasting volcanic activity
  • Adam’s Story
    Adam’s picture
    A major fruit juice supplier
  • Aaron’s Story
    Aaron’s picture
    A digital media business that’s taken off
  • Rose’s Story
    Rose’s picture
    Using sound to investigate art
  • Sue’s Story
    Sue’s picture
    Winning ways to tackle youth problems
  • Clio’s Story
    Clio’s picture
    Film Director inspired by Sound Archive
  • David J’s Story
    David J’s picture
    Expert in Egyptian Archaeology
  • Squid London’s Story
    Squid London’s picture
    A design company creating innovative products
  • La Diosa’s Story
    La Diosa’s picture
    Creators of a luxury jewellery brand