Creative process theme

Creative process

Find out how sketches, drafts, proofs and annotations can reveal the inner workings of a composer's mind

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Music and modernism theme

Music and modernism

Explore how composers after 1900 challenged and reinterpreted musical traditions

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Music and place theme

Music and place

Learn more about the impact of nationalism, folksong and a sense of place on classical music since 1900

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Society of Women Musicians

Music and words

Discover the relationship between music and words in classical music written since 1900

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Music for stage and screen theme

Music for stage and screen

Learn more about the collaboration between composers and other artists in the creation of works for stage and screen

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Music politics and society theme

Music, politics and society

Discover the impact of war, political unrest and social structures on music composed since 1900

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Musical style theme

Musical style

Explore approaches to musical style in classical music composed since 1900

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Performance and reception theme

Performance and reception

Learn more about the performance of twentieth-century classical music and how it was received

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