4 How we make decisions

Minutes, reports and papers provided for consideration at senior level meetings

The agenda, minutes and papers of the meetings of the British Library Board for the current year and previous three years can be found on the pages linked to below. Some papers are marked as CLOSED and have not been published where such are properly regarded as confidential to the meeting, on the basis that they cover:

  • the development of policy, strategy and plans in advance of their finalisation - public bodies require safe space in which to debate options without premature public disclosure
  • sensitive commercial information - belonging to either the Library or a third party
  • information that is legally privileged
  • confidential HR issues
  • information that would be prejudicial to the Library's security
  • information that is planned to be published at a later date as part of proactive communications or consultation
  • minutes from board sub-committees - board sub-committees specifically manage detailed decision making in relation to HR, finance & security, or major commercial matters
  • decisions where the Board are acting in a legal capacity other than that of Board Members of the British Library - e.g. as trustees of a charity
Some published papers may also be redacted on the same basis.






Public consultations

The Library has not held any public consultations during the last three years.