British Library Board

The constitution, members and meetings of the British Library Board.

The British Library is governed by its Board, the constitution of which is set out in the British Library Act.

The British Library Board consists of the Chair and up to thirteen other members, all of whom are appointed by the Secretary of State with the exception of one member who is appointed by HM The King. One member of the Board is appointed after consultation with Scottish Ministers. The Chief Executive is the only full-time, executive member of the Board.

See Register of Board Members' and Committee Members' Interests (PDF format).

The Board meets five times a year, with one of those meetings substantially devoted to the review and development of strategy. The Chief Operating Officer and Chief Librarian are normally present during Board meetings.

See Minutes and papers of Board meetings since 2012.

The Board has delegated certain responsibilities to committees:

  • Audit Committee - a standing committee which supports the Board and the Accounting Officer in their responsibilities for issues of finance, risk, control and governance by reviewing the comprehensiveness, reliability and integrity of assurances provided to them.
  • Remuneration Committee -a standing committee which makes determinations on behalf of the Board with regard to the performance, pay and employment terms and conditions of the Chief Executive, and which considers the recommendations of the Chief Executive in relation to the Chief Librarian, the Chief Operating Officer and other staff.
  • Capital Projects Committee - a limited-life committee, whose primary responsibility is to assist the Board in overseeing the achievement of the objectives of the St Pancras Transformed Programme.

British Library Board

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