The British Library's organisation and strategic leadership team

Responsibility for managing the Library is delegated to the Chief Executive who, as Accounting Officer, is personally responsible to Parliament for the stewardship of public money and the Library’s assets, and for ensuring that the resources allocated to the Library under the authority of Parliament are used for the purposes intended by Parliament.

Management of the Library is led by the Chief Executive, Chief Librarian and Chief Operating Officer, and includes the following areas of responsibility.

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive has direct oversight of corporate affairs and marketing, development and fundraising, governance, and strategy development.

Chief Librarian

Reporting to the Chief Executive, the Chief Librarian's areas of responsibility include business audiences, collections and curation, collection management, culture and learning, digital scholarship, international engagement, research and HE.

Chief Operating Officer

Reporting to the Chief Executive, the Chief Operating Officer's areas of responsibility include commercial services, estates and facilities, finance, legal services and procurement, human resources, operations, reader and reference services, risk management and assurance, security and safety management, and technology.

Strategic Leadership Team

Jamie Andrews

Head of Culture and Learning

Andy Appleyard
Head of Operations (North)

Sandra Bradbury

Head of Corporate Assurance

Peter Brooks
Head of Security & Safety Management

Caroline Brown
Head of Commercial Services

Michele Burton

Head of Fundraising 

Harriet Darcel

Head of Marketing

Richard Davies
Head of Collections Programmes

Patrick Dixon
Head of Estates & Facilities

Anne-Marie Foster

Interim Head of HR

Richard Gibby

Head of Governance

Katie Goodall

Head of Planning 

Phil Hatfield

Head of Eccles Centre

Marcie Hopkins

Head of International Office

Kristian Jensen

Head of Collections & Curation

Liz Jolly

Chief Librarian

Jayne King

Head of Finance

Roly Keating
Chief Executive 

Maja Maricevic

Head of Higher Education and Science

Scot McKendrick 

Head of Western Heritage Collection

Luisa Elena Mengoni

Head of Asian & African Collections

Isabel Oswell

Head of Business Audiences

Richard Price

Head of Contemporary British Collections

Torsten Reimer
Head of Research Services


Cordelia Rogerson

Head of Collection Care 

Nikki Rowbottom
Head of Supply Chain Management

Ben Sanderson
Head of Corporate Communications 

Jerry Shillito
Head of Operations (South)

David Sparling
Head of Technology

Phil Spence
Chief Operating Officer

Liz White

Head of Public Libraries and Engagement

Mick Wilkin
Chief Accountant

Janet Zmroczek
Head of American & European Collections

Chief Officers

Roly Keating

Chief Executive

Liz Jolly

Chief Librarian

Phil Spence

Chief Operating Officer