Content strategy


Our content strategy sets out the key principles and practices by which we continue to build the UK’s national collection of published content.  It determines:

  • What contemporary content we collect or connect to
  • How that content is acquired and stored or how it is linked to
  • How that content is made available to everyone in the short and long term.

The content strategy is concerned with contemporary publishedcontent from the UK and globally across all formats, disciplines, subjects and languages.  It covers all channels through which the content can be acquired including (but not limited to) print and non-print legal deposit, voluntary deposit, purchase, donation and exchange.  It also covers content held by other organisations to which we connect, either permanently or for a fixed period.

Our approach

The content strategy is part of our wider Living Knowledge strategy and Living Knowledge: For Everyone.  It strikes a balance between continuity (such as supporting our collection strengths) and the need to respond to changes in the information environment, in researcher needs and behaviours, and in our available resources.  

Our content strategy: Enabling access for everyone

Our strategy is called Enabling access for everyone. It sets out our approach to content strategy and collection building for contemporary published content, which is defined as printed and digital content published from 1945 onwards. The strategy covers the period to 2023, to align with the end of the wider Living Knowledge strategy.

We will evaluate the success of the strategy and its implementation at the end of this period.

Legal Deposit remains the foundation of our collection-building activity. This strategy focuses on what we do above and beyond that, for printed and digital content published from 1945 onwards. The priority is to provide access to content using the most cost effective means, to help our users access the information they need now and in the future.

It is available as a summary and in a longer version:

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