Governance framework

The British Library's governance framework and scheme of delegation

The British Library Board is governed by the provisions of the British Library Act 1972.

Supporting this, the responsibilities of the Board and its Chair plus the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer, the Board's delegations of authority to its sub-committees and the Chief Executive, and the terms of reference of the Board's sub-committees, are all set out in the British Library's Governance framework.

The Governance framework document covers:

  • An introduction to the British Library's statutory framework and its charitable objects and activities
  • The constitution of the Board 
  • The main responsibilities of the Chair, Board members, the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer
  • The functions and the terms of reference of the Board's sub-committees
  • The Board's scheme of reserved and delegated matters
  • The Board's scheme of delegated financial authority

The Governance framework is available to download here.

For further information or queries, please send an email to: Governance@BL.UK