Children holding reptiles

We inspire young people and learners of all ages.

Every library is a place of learning – a welcoming space where anyone can embark on their own personal journey of discovery. Whether for school students, families or adult learners, our learning programmes are designed to make the Library’s collections as accessible as possible for those who might not otherwise easily connect with what we do. For young people in particular, we want to inspire the potential researchers and innovators of the next generation, exposing them to the richness and interest of the resources we hold.

Our priorities

  • support people of all ages and backgrounds to develop their skills in information literacy
  • enhance our online learning services with new resources that support teachers and schools, including historical documents and other primary source material
  • make our buildings and spaces more inclusive and engaging than ever for learners of all ages, children and families, and school visits.


These five major transformation programmes show how we're achieving our Knowledge Matters vision.

Everyone Engaged

Our mission is to make our intellectual heritage available to everyone for research, inspiration and enjoyment.

Everything Available

We're modernising our support for researchers of all kinds.

St Pancras Transformed

We're expanding the British Library’s campus in St Pancras, London.

Heritage Made Digital

We will transform digital access to our collections of heritage materials.

Boston Spa Renewed

We're developing our Boston Spa site to meet the information management challenges of the 21st century.