Children around an exhibition case.

We inspire young people and learners of all ages.

For many people, the desire and need to learn stretches throughout their lives, and the British Library is strongly placed to help. Our collections already have a potent and unique educational value for lifelong learners and young people alike, but our aim is to grow our capacity even more. We don't want to just tell stories, but encourage a spirit of questioning and enquiry and inspire the researchers of tomorrow. In short, we want to establish our profile and reputation as an indispensable lifelong resource for learners worldwide.

Between now and 2023 the priorities to support our Learning purpose are to improve and expand our on-site capacity to grow the numbers of school students, young people, families and local communities able to engage with our collections. We’re also committed to further grow the range of teaching resources and primary source material available online.

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These five major transformation programmes show how we're achieving our Living Knowledge vision.

Everyone Engaged

Our mission is to make our intellectual heritage available to everyone for research, inspiration and enjoyment.

Everything Available

We're modernising our support for researchers of all kinds.

St Pancras Transformed

We're expanding the British Library’s campus in St Pancras, London.

Heritage Made Digital

We will transform digital access to our collections of heritage materials.

Boston Spa Renewed

We're developing our Boston Spa site to meet the information management challenges of the 21st century.