Transparency notice - customer account management

When you access one of our Services you will normally be asked to create a customer account. Your central customer account will consist of your contact details, security details such as login and password, and details of the Services to which you subscribe.

We will use these details to give you access to the Services that you have requested, as part of a task performed in the public interest. Further details about our public task can be found here.

We may also use this data (and other data relating to your use of our Services such as audit trails) for the purpose of analysis in support of service improvement, IT security, Collection security, or other legitimate interests of the Library.

You can access your account at for individuals (or for businesses), in order to make corrections to your personal information or manage your subscriptions to our Services.

We will retain Customer Account management information for as long as your account remains current plus a further six years in order to comply with tax and accounting rules and to provide evidence in the face of future complaints or legal claims.