This resource includes nine examples of British comic art from William Hogarth in the 18th century to 2000 AD and Neil Gaiman, together with four original articles by expert authors.


Image from 'A harlot's progress'

From Georgian harlots to mail-order masochism

As Oscar Wilde famously observed, ‘Everything in the world is about sex except sex’. There is something about the lens of desire that is particularly revealing about a culture.

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Trials of Nasty Tales, 1973, (c) Dave Gibbons

Obscenity trials of the 1970s

Like its American counterpart, the burgeoning British underground scene held comics in high esteem.

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‘Tyranny Rex’ 1988, John Smith, Steve Dillon, Rebellion Development

The age of superheroes

In the 1930s, as the age of superheroes was dawning in America, quite different heroes populated the pages of British comics.

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Mr Punch, Leonard Raven-Hill, early 20th century

The tragedy and comedy of Mr Punch

Comics have repeatedly outraged the establishment, moral guardians and other vested interests – prompting protests, prosecutions and parliamentary intervention.

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