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Metadata standards development

Standardisation is a key element in the British Library's cataloguing strategy. The British Library plays an active role in the development, maintenance and propagation of standards used in cataloguing. Standardisation facilitates the exchange of bibliographic records between cataloguing agencies, thereby producing better, faster, cheaper catalogues.

Cataloguing Standards - Enabling the British Library to share catalogue records with other libraries, both in the UK and overseas

Exchange Formats - Formats, such as MARC, are used to transfer data in a structured form. The British Library has used MARC 21 as its cataloguing format since June 2004.

Name Authority Control - Authority Control is the process of establishing and maintaining consistency in headings in a bibliographic file by means of an authority file.

Subject Access - The use of a standardised system of subject headings allows compatible access by subject across different files and catalogues.

USEMARCON - A practical application to facilitate the exchange of bibliographic records in different MARC formats.

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