Do you call a ‘bread roll’ a cob, batch, bread-cake, barm cake or scuffler? How do you pronounce the words cup and plant? And are you sitting or sat while reading this? The UK is a rich landscape of regional accents and dialects, each evidence of our society’s continuity and change, our local history and our day-to-day lives. Explore the themes below to discover the diverse voices of English across the UK and over time.

Illustration of a man

Changing voices: English over time

Explore how spoken English has changed over time.

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Photograph of two men

Regional voices: English across the UK

Explore how accents and dialects vary across the UK.

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Photograph of a crowd of shoppers

Diverse voices: varieties of English in the UK

Explore how English is spoken in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

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Black and white photograph of Newcastle

Geordie voices: dialect in the North East

Explore one of the most distinctive British dialects.

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Photograph of a group of young people laughing

English voices from around the world

Explore the accents and dialects of Britain's Caribbean and Asian communities.

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19th-century illustration of two men

Received Pronunciation

Explore the accent traditionally described as ‘typically British’.

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Photograph of a woman and man

Your Voices: contemporary accents of the UK

Explore present-day English voices across the UK.

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