The Triple Cripples Download

“We are not just an episode. We are multi-faceted, and multi-layered, and a lifetime of wonders!” Kym Oliver and Jumoke Abdullahi, aka The Triple Cripples, launch into a lively and unpredictable conversation with Meelina Isayas and Lenna Cumberbatch, exploring stories that are usually hidden from view.


THE TRIPLE CRIPPLES was created by Kym Oliver & Jumoke Abdullahi, two Disabled Black women who were frustrated with the lack of representation faced by Black and non-Black People of Colour living with disabilities. They joined forces and created a platform to highlight the narratives of this “invisible population, within an invisible population”! Black Disabled Culture cognoscenti, Kym & Jumoke are relentless in their pursuit to transform the outcomes of those here and yet to come!


Lenna Cumberbatch is a diversity and inclusion strategist with experience in education, the public sector and corporate environments in both the UK and USA. Her public speaking includes appearances at Dundee Pride, BBC Scotland, and Women of the World (WOW) festivals. She is also a leading light of the Drag King scene, and a Patron of Switchboard, the LGBT+ helpline. Lenna is undertaking a PhD at the University of St Andrews, researching the implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives and their long-term impact.


Meelina Isayas began writing about her experience with Cerebral Palsy after her higher educational plans took a detour. She is passionate about disabled students receiving the right support within their learning environments, and interested in the intersections between race and disability. Her Instagram account @walkwithmeelina is based entirely on personal experience, which she considers to be a contribution to the broader disability movement serving to eradicate ableism in all areas of society.