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Our team of experts give a few hours of their time each month to advise entrepreneurs, SMEs and inventors on their businesses.

Who are our experts?

Alasdair Inglis

Alasdair runs the marketing consultancy Grow and has worked with over 150 entrepreneurs grow their business through better marketing. His practical marketing workshops have been attended by over 3,000 entrepreneurs from around the world. Alasdair will advise you on digital marketing, SEO, Google pay Per Click advertising, sales strategy, website copy and everything marketing and sales related.

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Mark Sheahan

Mark is highly experienced in the process of taking an invention from idea to finished product. He can give you advice on everything from protecting your idea, licensing it to others or designing and manufacturing the product yourself. Meet with our Inventor in Residence, Mark Sheahan. 

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About Expert Impact

Expert Impact aim to match entrepreneurs with some of today's business leaders in order to share knowledge, guidance and growth within their target sectors. They offer free sessions with some of the UK's top entrepreneurs. Find out more here.