The Business & IP Centre currently offers two mentoring programmes. The Human Lending Library is run alongside Expert Impact to match entrepreneurs with some of today's business leaders in order to share knowledge, guidance and growth within their target sectors. Innovating for Growth's mentoring programme is an ERDF funded scheme that gives you the chance to be mentored by a successful entrepreneur from our Innovating for Growth: Scale-Ups programme. Continue reading to see if you are eligible to apply...

Innovating for Growth: Mentoring

The Innovating for Growth: Mentoring programme is an ERDF funded scheme that gives you the chance to be mentored by a successful entrepreneur from our Innovating for Growth: Scale-Ups programme who will be guiding you through the challenging and rewarding process of running a high-growth business. We are currently selecting mentees for the second round of this exciting opportunity that is fostering collaborations and developing talents.

Eligibility to be a mentee:

  • The business has to have been registered at Companies House or as a Sole Trader for at least six months
  • You should be working at least part-time in your business
  • The business should already have a live website
  • Your business should have already generated some revenue from sales
  • The business should be based in London
  • Throughout the mentoring journey, we are here to support both you and your mentor. Why you may want to consider becoming a mentee...

  • By joining Innovating for Growth: Mentoring you will acquire an invaluable professional and personal development.
  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction
  • Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Strengthen your interpersonal and communication skills and learn to listen actively and accept feedback
  • Increase your confidence and motivation
  • Expand your professional network
  • Successful applications will get a matched mentor to their business needs, with six meetings in total. Interested or want to find out more? Email To see more FAQs, visit our blog

    Applications for this round of the mentoring programme have now closed, we will be recruiting for the next round soon and will update this page when applications re-open.

    Human Lending Library 

    Human Lending Library logo

    Through our Human Lending Library, run in partnership with Expert Impact, we offer social entrepreneurs the opportunity to 'borrow' some of the world’s most successful business founders to help them find solutions to their most pressing business problems. In order to receive an hour of free one-to-one mentoring from an expert you must:

    1. Be able to demonstrate the positive social impact of your organisation across one or more of the following areas: education, healthcare, the arts, scientific research, poverty alleviation and/or the environment. 
    2. Be thinking about, or in the process of, scaling the operations and impact of your work. 
    3. Have one or more specific business issues you'd like help an expert’s help with.

    The Human Lending Library application form is designed to take no more than 10 minutes to fill out, and we do recommend you take a look through our FAQs before completing your application. Once you have submitted the form a member of our team will get in touch. Apply here

    Because of the Business & IP Centre's Innovating for Growth: Mentoring programme I have gone from getting little bits of funding here and there, to last Friday pitching a £2million deal for our next project.

    David Molyneux, mentee, Games Co

    Having benefited as a mentee many years ago on the British Library’s Innovating for Growth programme, it was lovely to now be a mentor and have the opportunity to give back.

    Leanne Dal Santo, mentor, Smartbags

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