Protecting your ideas

Intellectual property is vital to the business process. Knowing how to protect your idea, whether it’s an invention or a brand name, can save you a lot of time and money. Read on to find out about patents, trademarks, copyright and registered designs. 


How to trade mark a business name

Find out how to successfully apply for a trade mark for your business name or brand to provide long term commercial protection for your products & services

How to copyright a song

If you’re a musician, songwriter or composer, read more to discover how to copyright an original song in the UK

How to submit a UK trade mark search

Discover how to find details of existing UK trade marks and the trade mark owner yourself using the search functionality within the Intellectual Property Office website

How do I protect my idea for a product?

Discover how to search for existing UK patents & develop & file a UK patent application for your idea or invention

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Using copyright in music

How is music copyrighted & how can one legally use a piece of copyrighted music? Click here to find out more about the key forms of legally protected music

An introduction to YouTube Copyright

Discover how copyright law impacts on YouTube video content & how to react to copyright infringement or copyright removal cases on YouTube.

What’s the difference between unregistered design right and design registration?

Discover the difference between unregistered design right and a registered design and find the level of design registration that suits your needs as a designer

What is my automatic design right?

If you have created a design & it’s unique, you’ll be entitled to automatic design right. Find out more about unregistered design rights in the UK & beyond.

What does patent pending mean?

If you want to patent a unique idea, patent pending can be quickly obtained after submitting a patent application to the Intellectual Property Office.

What can you trademark in the UK?

Discover what you can and can’t register as a trade mark in the UK, whilst learning how to use the free web databases available to search existing trade marks.

How to complete a UK patent search

Find out how to carry out a UK patent search using the free online databases to discover whether your ideas are unique and eligible for patent.

How to avoid copyright infringement

Learn how to operate your business within the parameters of UK copyright law, avoiding a potentially damaging copyright infringement & costly legal action

How does the Intellectual Property Act 2014 affect me and my business?

What does the Intellectual Property Act 2014 cover? Find out how it is modernising UK intellectual property law, most notably design and patent laws.

What are intellectual property rights?

Discover the UK intellectual property (IP) rights available, ranging from your automatic intellectual property rights to those you have to apply for.

Fair use copyright explained

What constitutes fair dealing in UK copyright law? Discover the core areas of fair use, allowing for the lawful usage or reproduction of work without permission

A beginner’s guide to trademark infringement

Discover the key facts about UK trademark infringement, how to deal with a trademark violation and how to search for protected trademarks online

What is intellectual property?

If you have an invention or idea, it’s important that you understand your intellectual property and how to exploit it.

Why you need to protect your Intellectual Property?

Find out how intellectual property protects assets that may be integral to the core services of the business and overall long-term viability.

What is a patent?

Find out how to stop others from making, using or selling your invention without your permission.

What are registered designs?

Find out all you need to know about registered designs for your small business

What is copyright?

Learn how to protect your literary or artistic expression with copyright

Three reasons for copyright protection

Three reasons to protect your business with copyright

What is a trademark?

Find out all you need to know about trademarks

Trade mark tips for beginners

Find out more about how to protect your ideas.

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