National Network Reset. Restart webinars

After you've joined one or more of our series of Reset. Restart webinars you can receive further tailored support from your local BIPC, in London or across our National Network.

Local support will include one-to-one advice from business experts, peer-to-peer sessions, which will enable SME owners to exchange ideas, share goals and support one another in reaching them, as well as the every day support available across the National Network, such as access to market research and reports, IP guidance and the regular programme of webinars. 


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Brighton & Hove

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Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

View BIPC Cambridgeshire & Peterborough's Reset. Restart programme of webinars.


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Webinars coming soon


View BIPC Leeds' Reset. Restart programme of webinars.


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View BIPC Manchester's Reset. Restart programme of webinars.


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View BIPC Norfolk's Reset. Restart programme of webinars.


View BIPC Northamptonsire's Reset. Restart programme of webinars.


Webinars coming soon


Webinars coming soon


Webinars coming soon

Upcoming workshops & events

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Innovating for Growth webinar: Introduction to Lean Start-Up

This webinar provides the ideal introduction to Lean Start-Up philosophy and practices.

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Reset. Restart: your market opportunities

A review of where we are now and look into the future to see what market opportunities the ‘next normal’ will bring.

Reset. Restart


We know this is a difficult time for small businesses and business owners. That’s why we’ve developed a dedicated programme to support SMEs across the country, all of which can be accessed remotely, wherever you are.

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Marketing Masterclass - Start-ups in London Libraries


Join our Marketing Masterclass to discover how to determine and reach customers for your new business venture.

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