Toiletries and Cosmetics Industry Guide

Nail varnish, eyelashes and eye shadow

Here you will find sources of information such as market research (statistics, trends, developments), key companies, trade magazines, newsletters, and Internet sources.

This guide will be useful to anyone starting a business within the toiletries and cosmetics industry and also for those wanting to further their knowledge within this area.

Start-Up Information

COBRA logo
accessible via electronic databases
The Cobra database contains practical fact-sheets on all aspects of starting, running and managing a small business – including information on writing business plans, marketing, company structures etc.

It also covers the practical aspects of how to start and run particular types of businesses – outlining necessary skills, regulations, licences and legislation etc. and highlights other sources of information and advice available.

Business Opportunity Profiles (BOP) 

Afro- Caribbean Hairdresser  BOP500 
Barber Shop/Male Grooming Salon  BOP189 
Beauty Salon  BOP519 
Cosmetics and Toiletries Retailer  BOP384 
Hairdressing Salon  BOP032 
Handmade Cosmetics Maker  BOP570 
Make-up Artist  BOP374 
Mobile Beauty Therapist  BOP029 
Mobile Hairdresser  BOP303 
Nail Salon  BOP175 
Nail Technician  BOP128 
Tanning Salon  BOP127 

Mini Business Profiles (MBP)

Hair Extension Specialist  MBP126 
Organic Beauty Salon  MBP194 
Organic Cosmetic Retailer  MBP296 
Perfumer   MBP171 
Sugaring and Waxing Specialist  MBP146 

Business Information Fact Sheets

A Compliance Guide for Hair and Beauty Sector  BIF439 
A Guide to the General Product Safety Regulations  BIF436 

Business Legal Library

Cosmetic Products Enforcement Regulations 2013  LEG605 

Sector Updates

Hair and Beauty  SEC003 
Hair and Beauty  SEC065 
Hair and Beauty (Coronavirus Update)  SEC095 

Source of Business Information

British Association of Cosmetic Nurses  SOU1069 
Cosmetic and Perfumery Retailers Association  SOU487 
Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association  SOU488 
Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers  SOU948 
Hair Council  SOU277 
Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (Habia)  SOU115 
Hairdressing & Beauty Suppliers Association  SOU492 

Research Brief

Hair and Beauty SRG008 

Industry Snapshot

Hair and Beauty  SYN002

Small Business Help Books 

This is a collection of books with practical information aimed at those starting and running a business. Located in the Centre.

Branded Beauty: how marketing changed the way we look (Kogan Page Limited 2011. Mark Tungate.) [(Digital Content) Non-Print Legal Deposit Access] Via Explore the British Library Catalogue.
Provides analysis of the beauty industry.
Cosmeceuticals (Elsevier/Saunders, edited by Zoe Diane Draelos 2016) [(Digital Content) Non-Print Legal Deposit Access] Via Explore the British Library Catalogue.
Covers procedures in cosmetic dermatology; cosmeceuticals.

Skin Deep: The essential guide to what's in the toiletries and cosmetics you use (London: Rodale, 2011. Pat Thomas) [(Digital Content) Non-Print Legal Deposit Access.] Via Explore the British Library Catalogue.
Provides an in depth look at how products are made, key ingredients, preservatives, humectants, detergents, emulsifiers and much more.

Ultimate Salon Management: Salon Management Level 4 Diploma (Series of 3 Books) (City & Guilds/Hellen Ward.)
Book 1 – Getting Established - [(B) SBH B.T.149 BUS]
Book 2 – Managing Finance - [(B) SBH B.T.150 BUS]
Book 3 – Team Performance - [(B) SBH B.T.151 BUS]
A series of three books providing comprehensive solutions to running a successful salon or spa.

Market Research & Statistics 

If you are planning on starting a business you will need to be aware of the latest trends, developments and opportunities within your industry which can all be found from market research.

Market research also covers market size and forecasts, consumer demographics and attitudes, the key players and products and will often include SWOT and PEST analysis showing areas of strength, weakness, opportunities etc.

IBISWorld logo

  • Cosmetics & Toiletries Retailers in the UK - G47 750
  • Hairdressing & Beauty Treatment in the UK - S96.020
  • Perfume & Cosmetics Manufacturing in the UK - C20.420
  • Perfume & Cosmetics Wholesaling in the UK - G46.450

Mintel logo

  • Anti-Ageing Beauty - UK
  • Attitudes towards Cosmetic Procedures - UK
  • Beauty and Personal Care Gift Sets - UK
  • Beauty and Personal Care Retailing - UK
  • Beauty Devices, Tools and Accessories - UK
  • Beauty Devices, Tools and Accessories: Inc Impact of COVID-19 - UK
  • Beauty for Teens and Tweens - UK
  • Beauty Influencers and Educators - UK
  • Beauty Influencers and Educators: Inc Impact of COVID-19 - UK
  • Beauty Online - UK
  • Beauty Online: Inc Impact of COVID-19 - UK
  • Beauty Tools and Accessories  - UK
  • Colour Cosmetics - UK
  • Colour Cosmetics: Inc Impact of COVID-19 - UK
  • Diversity in Beauty - UK
  • Deodorants - UK
  • Fragrances - UK
  • Gifting in Beauty and Personal Care- UK
  • Gifting in Beauty and Personal Care: Inc Impact of COVID-19 - UK
  • Hair Colourants - UK
  • Hand, Body and Footcare - UK
  • Holiday Beauty - UK
  • In-Salon Hair Services - UK
  • Inside-Out Beauty - UK
  • Life after COVID-19 how BPC survives recession
  • Marketing to Men - UK  
  • Marketing to Women - UK
  • Mature Beauty - UK
  • Men’s and Women’s Beauty and Grooming Routines - UK
  • Men's Attitudes towards Haircare and Skincare - UK
  • Men’s Facial Skincare - UK
  • Natural, Organic and Ethical Toiletries - UK
  • Natural and Organic Toiletries: Inc Impact of COVID-19 - UK
  • Nail Colour - UK
  • Personalisation in Beauty - UK
  • Prestige Beauty - UK
  • Soap, Bath and Shower Products - UK
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on BPC - UK
  • The Private Label Beauty Consumer - UK
  • The Savvy Beauty Consumer - UK
  • Women’s Facial Skin Care - UK
  • Women’s Haircare - UK

EMIS logo

  • Cosmetics & Toiletries Retailing in the United Kingdom: Market Snapshot to 2023
  • United Kingdom - Skincare
  • UK Deodorant and Bath Products Market Data Guide (2013 - 2023)

GlobalData logo

  • Conference Presentation: Digital Innovation in Cosmetics: the Future of Beauty
  • Conference Presentation: Targeting Millennials Through Beauty Innovation
  • Presentation: Innovation Trends in Beauty and Grooming
  • Retail Data Series: UK Health & Beauty Annual Forecasts 2014-2024
  • UK: Health & Beauty 2019-2024

Passport logo

  • Bath and Shower in the United Kingdom
  • Beauty and Personal Care Global Industry Overview
  • Beauty and Personal Care in the United Kingdom
  • Beauty Survey 2020: Key Insights
  • Colour Cosmetics in the United Kingdom
  • Deodorants  in the United Kingdom
  • Depilatories in the United kingdom
  • Emerging Markets See Surge in Natural Skin Care Demand
  • Fragrances in the United Kingdom
  • Global Beauty and Personal Care: Products with Crossover Features
  • Hair Care in the United Kingdom
  • Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in the United Kingdom
  • Men’s Grooming in the United Kingdom
  • Oral Care in the United Kingdom
  • Skin Care in the United Kingdom
  • Sun Care in the United Kingdom

Please note that many articles about the toiletries and cosmetics industry (from business journals and newspapers) are available from our electronic sources: eMarketer, Business Source Complete (EBSCO), Factiva, ABI Inform Global (Proquest).

Business News & Journals

In order to find the latest news on your topic it is always worth searching Factiva, Business Source Complete and EMIS.

You will find articles from specialist business and academic journals, as well as newspapers and magazines. You may also find market research reports and case studies. As well as profiles of leading industry figures.

You will also find articles covering recent developments, and predicting future trends in your industry.

Trade Magazines and Newsletters

Useful for gaining inside knowledge, recent trends, industry news, company profiles, reviews of new products and services. Some contain annual reviews and company contact lists. Ordered via Explore the British Library (please ask for help).

Black Hair (Witham, Essex: Haversham Ltd) [ZK.9.b.13268]
Covers ethnic beauty, hair styles and beauty culture.

Black Beauty & Hair (Pat Petker [General Reference Collection P.443/451 - Must be ordered from Explore the British Library]
Magazine features information on hairstyles, tips and exclusives. 1982 -

Cosmetics & Toiletries (Allured Publishing, Monthly) [(P) LX 50 - E (2) Science 3]
Includes directories of suppliers and consultants and covers processing, regulation technical advances, international industry news, events, ingredients and chemicals. Includes website index and new products, etc. 1984 –

DCI Drug & Cosmetic Industry (Drug Makers Inc.) [(P) LW 699 -E (2) Science 3]
This journal covers Ethnic, and Green Cosmetics: also includes a directory of products and suppliers 1984 – (Continued by: Global Cosmetic Industry).

Esprit (Sandron Publishing, monthly) [(P) LX 50 -E (14) Science 3]
Offers company and products news, brand updates, sponsorship deals, marketing campaigns and awards information. Covers cosmetics, perfumery, skincare, make up, lipstick and sun tan lotions, etc.  

European Cosmetic Markets (also known as ECM) (London Wilmington Media Ltd.) [(P) LX 553 -E (2) Science 3]
Contains market surveys, new product reports for Europe and the world, as well as regional profiles. Includes sun care and ethnic cosmetics. Last four years.  

Pure Beauty (London: HPCI Media) General Reference Collection [(P) ZK.9 .b. 20192)] (Must be ordered from Explore the British Library.)
Covers the beauty and toiletry preparation industry and focuses on make-up, skincare, hair care and fragrances; also covers new product launches, news and regular features.

Pure Prestige (JLD Media) General Reference Collection [(P) ZK.9.b.30308] (Must Be ordered from Explore the British Library.)
Quarterly beauty magazine covering beauty, personal care and cosmetics. 2012 –

ShopTalk International (Hawker Consumer Publications Ltd) (Last four years only) [(P) 381.4564672089 –E BUS]
Business magazine for the ethnic hair and beauty trade.


Contain lists of companies and industry contacts. Some have annual industry reviews, and specialist articles.
Professional Beauty Buyers’ Guide 2018 (Trades Exhibitions Ltd.) [(B) DIR 338.476467205 BUS]
Provides industry review and market analysis, buyers guide to products and services, company profiles, trend watch, news review, also provides calendar of key events.

The Natural Trade Directory 2019 (Target Publishing Limited) [(B) DIR 641.30202541BUS]
Buyers guide for the natural and organic trade industry with listings of companies, products and services, trade names and other useful addresses; also includes product information for body, hair and skin care.

Internet Sources

Websites containing free sources of industry statistics, information and contacts.

The Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) 

An association of manufacturers of cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery products from the UK industry. The website contains information on the sourcing of ingredients, manufacturing and packaging, labelling and distribution, legislation, markets and a member’s directory. The CTPA also provides members with comprehensive scientific and technical advice.


Contains information on cosmetics, perfumery and the personal care industry. Also provides a Directory of raw materials and the possibility to search for product ingredients.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Comprehensive website with information on cosmetics and toiletry formulation, packaging suppliers, legal/regulatory requirements, manufacturing directory, testing information, new ingredients, breaking news and marketing and publications, etc.


Website covers the UK and Southern Ireland and provides features and advertising, market information, news, directory and links.

Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association

Contains a member’s directory, EU legislation requirements, and alternatives to animal testing practices, publications and news and events.

Fragrance Foundation UK

Established in 1949 affiliated with Elizabeth Arden, Coty, Guerlain, Helena Rubenstein, Chanel and Parfums Weil. Website contains online reference guide to over a thousand fragrances, search by fragrance name/company name. Provides information on awards, events, features on fragrance manufacturers, certification and publications.

Habia – Hair and Beauty Industry Authority

Habia is the government appointed standards setting body for hair, beauty, nails, spa therapy, and barbering and African type hair. Habia creates the standards that form the basis of all qualifications. Also includes information on news, events, training and skills.

Professional Beauty

Trade magazine for beauty parlours and salons. Contains information on treatments, tanning,
Hairdressing, equipment, nails and cosmetics. Includes new product reviews, new salon reviews, Company news and job adverts, buyers guide and information on events and conferences.

Please note that every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, however some recently acquired items may since have been added to the collection. Please ask for help at the enquiry desk or check the online catalogue Explore the British Library for more details.

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