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We may be closed temporarily but we’re open to everyone online. You can still take advantage of our expertise by registering for one of our regular webinars, from wherever you are in the world.

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Innovating for Growth webinar: Introduction to intellectual property

An understanding of intellectual property and its protection is vital for anyone with an idea, whether it’s an invention, a brand name or a song.

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We know this is a difficult time for small businesses and business owners. That’s why we’ve developed a dedicated programme to support SMEs across the country, all of which can be accessed remotely, wherever you are.

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Innovating for Growth webinar: Doing business research at home

This webinar aims to help people who are working at home but still need to use information to help them to plan and deliver business activities without usual access to the resources offered at Business & IP Centres which are closed during the ...

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Reset. Restart: your customer offer

Learn how to create a powerful value proposition to attract more customers.

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Webinar: How to interview and assess your next employee without ever meeting them

Learn how to dramatically improve your hiring successes and minimise poor hires

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Innovating for Growth webinar: Introduction to Lean Start-Up

This webinar provides the ideal introduction to Lean Start-Up philosophy and practices.

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Innovating for Growth webinar: Why you need a Trade Mark and how to search for one

This webinar explains the basics behind trade mark protection and how to use free web databases.

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Innovating for Growth webinar: Introduction to copyright for business

Almost every organisation has intellectual property of some sort – this series of webinars helps businesses to understand and protect it.


Four basic research methods for business start-ups

Discover four basic business research methods you can use to ascertain whether your new business idea has the potential to succeed in competitive markets.

How does the Intellectual Property Act 2014 affect me and my business?

What does the Intellectual Property Act 2014 cover? Find out how it is modernising UK intellectual property law, most notably design and patent laws.

What are intellectual property rights?

Discover the UK intellectual property (IP) rights available, ranging from your automatic intellectual property rights to those you have to apply for.

Fair use copyright explained

What constitutes fair dealing in UK copyright law? Discover the core areas of fair use, allowing for the lawful usage or reproduction of work without permission

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