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About the Business and Management Portal

The Business and Management Portal delivers high quality digital content from the British Library's business and management collections. 

We select content for the Portal from leading UK based research organisations and from a number of UK business schools.  It includes reports, case studies, briefings, working papers, conference papers and journal articles . 

And we also have extended articles which explore the life and works of influential management thinkers, placing their work in context and giving suggestions for further reading.

All of the content in the Portal is rights cleared so our registered users can download and save items to a mobile device or PC.

Registration is quick, easy and free of charge.  And we will alert you to the most relevant new content in your favourite subject areas each time you login.

To find out more

Take a look at the FAQs below for more information on what's in the Portal and how the search works.

And if you can't find what you need in the FAQs then please contact the Portal team and we'll do our best to help you.




Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ What will I find in the Portal?

You’ll find reports and other publications such as briefings, conference papers and case studies from a wide range of organisations active in the field of business and management research.  Organisations contributing this content to the Portal include universities, research institutes, think-tanks, consultancies and government and professional bodies.

There are editorial articles which we have commissioned from leading experts in specific areas of managment and business reseach.

And we have a substantial number of  articles exploring the life and works of influential managment thinkers which are prepared in collaboration with the Chartered Management Institute.  

Finally, you'll find articles published since 2012 in the following journals

  • Journal of Management History
  • European Journal of Innovation
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research
  • Social Enterprise Journal
  • Journal of Small Business & Enterprise Development
  • Journal of Entrepreneurship & Public Policy.

FAQ What can I do with the content?

You can use the content held in the Portal as permitted under the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA) and any amending legislation.

Basically, this means you can use the content for non-commercial purposes such as education, research or private study, or in the course of your work - but you must not provide copies of the content (other than as permitted under the 'fair dealing' provisions of the CDPA), sell it or use it to create a commercial product.

You can download and save up to 50 documents from the Portal in any one day or up to 100 documents in any one four-week period

If you exceed this downloading limit, or use content from the Portal for commercial purposes without the copyright-holder's written permission, you may be banned from using the Business and Management Portal.

Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions of Use for full details.

FAQ Why do I need to register to use the Portal?

Only our registered users have access to all the reports, articles and other content held in the Portal. 

As a registered user you can to view the full text of items and you can download and save any which are of particular interest to you. 

You can also specify the subjects you are interested in so that new and relevant content is highlighted for you each time you login.

It is quick and easy to register as a Portal user and there is no charge.

And as part of the registration process we will ask you to read and accept our Terms and Conditions of Use

Non-registered users have limited access to a small sample of the content held in the Portal. 

FAQ How does the search work?

The radio buttons below the search box give you two options.

  • The default  is “Downloadable content” and means that any items you find will be available immediately if you are a registered user.
  • The alternative “All business and management content” lets you search through all the business and management content held by the British Library – not just  content you can download.  Your results list might include books, theses, archived web pages and sound recordings but you will need to click on “I want this” to see the access options for any item you are interested in.

You can search using key words and the search will allow for things like plurals, variant spellings and different tenses.  The most relevant collection items will appear high in your results list.  

FAQ Do you have information for start-ups and small businesses?

The British Library Business & IP Centre National Network provides entrepreneurs and SMEs across the UK with free access to information on things like market size and competitor analysis. The Network also organises a programme of free and low-cost events and workshops on a range of topics including business planning, marketing and intellectual property.