A tale of two disciplines: managing marketing people: summary

A tale of two disciplines: managing marketing people: summary
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The Chartered Institute of Marketing
Chartered Institute of Marketing
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1 July 2005
Marketing: all aspects of marketing, advertising and public relations, People management: all aspects of managing people
Business and management
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How can we manage marketing people successfully when there is an increasing dichotomy between the artistic and scientific elements of marketing? The answer lies in changing the way we train and manage marketers.  As the balance between art and science becomes more even, the profession needs to widen the net from which it recruits. Key to this is to communicate the fact that marketing has a strong scientific component, thus encouraging more scientifically-minded people to become marketers. And for creative people, it is important to emphasise the significant scientific aspect of the job which they need
to embrace, not shy away from.  The result will be a blend of art and science that leads to more effective, dynamic marketers – and a greater appreciation of the role of the department from the rest of the organisation and the outside world.

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