Developing People (Winter 2010)

Developing People (Winter 2010)
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Roffey Park Institue
Roffey Park Institute
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16 December 2010
People management: all aspects of managing people
Business and management
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As we begin 2011 in a period of uncertainty and ambiguity the need for leaders to guide decision-making is key. Once again our survey reports that cost-cutting and efficiency savings remain the highest priority for organisations so the crucial challenge for leaders remains doing more with less resource and reducing costs intelligently. At the same time investment in leadership and employee development remains the same.
Our survey asked managers how they rate leadership inside their organisations and this has remained unchanged over the last 12 months with 72% of respondents rating their leadership as good or excellent. Whilst this is good news, there remains room for improvement with the remaining 28% who feel their leadership is poor or very poor. Investing in leadership development will reap rewards as our survey demonstrates that those organisations who
have good or excellent ratings were more likely to be outperforming against their financial and strategic targets.

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