A Management agenda benchmarking report for the INGO sector

A Management agenda benchmarking report for the INGO sector
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Sinclair, Annette
Roffey Park Institute
Date of publication
2 February 2011
People management: all aspects of managing people
Business and management
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The Management Agenda is Roffey Park’s annual survey of organisational life. It aims to identify the key issues and challenges that today’s managers are facing in the workplace and inform strategies for organisational effectiveness. The Management Agenda provides a current snapshot of organisational life but equally importantly, now in its 14th year, it is widely recognised as one of the most important and influential indicators of workplace trends in the UK. This report focuses on the responses of managers from the INGO sector, comparing their views to those of other managers from the not-for-profit sector as well as managers from the private and public sectors to give an indication of the relative strengths and weaknesses of INGOs. In partnership with People in Aid, this is the second year that the Management Agenda has specifically identified managers from the INGO sector and consequently this report also identifies any changes in the INGO sector responses compared to last year.

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