Coming together: capital and risk management

Coming together: capital and risk management
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Towers Watson
Towers Watson
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11 February 2010
Embedding ERM
Management & leadership: including strategy, public sector management, operations and production
Business and management
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This issue of Towers Watson's Embedding ERM series analyses the roles and responsibilities of the capital management function. Specifically, the five key areas areas examined are:

  1. determining capital requirements;
  2. monitoring and managing the capital position
  3. managing the fungibility of capital
  4. funding the capital position; and
  5. optimizing capital efficiency

With the increased use of economic capital measures, the roles of the capital management and risk management functions will become ever more closely linked. In an integrated risk and capital management approach, the two
functions will collaborate in a joint effort to enhance their firm's risk/return balance in line with its strategic management goals and risk preferences.

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