Shaping the HR service delivery and technology of

Shaping the HR service delivery and technology of
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Towers Watson
Towers Watson
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1 August 2010
People management: all aspects of managing people
Business and management
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This report presents the findings of a 2010 survey of HR service delivery and technology. It finds that 2010 is the year that the HR function is proactively equipping itself to take a leading role in support of business objectives. Coming off a relatively reactionary period in which the recession dictated near-term business priorities, while the HR function held fast to its longer term goals the future for HR service delivery and technology initiatives appears robust, optimistic and innovative. Among our key findings for 2010:

  • The most pressing HR issue remains putting new or improved talent management technology systems in place. The highest ranked ever, this repeated theme takes on new meaning in 2010, because talent management systems are becoming more integrated and more effective.
  • Spending for technology, largely constant during the recession, is more robust this year as more organizations understand the role of HR technology in delivering HR programs as 'needed to play.'
  • Technology, no longer a discretionary spend, has become a vital tool that helps HR become more efficient…and more effective.
  • Companies are more effectively undertaking and completing initiatives to improve HR service delivery, from reengineering business processes to building out shared services, and are achieving good results from these initiatives
  • Encouragingly, the HR function is incrementally relinquishing its hold on some long-held administrative and 'oversight' processes, thus enabling the related technology to do its job of providing greater benefit from manager and employee self-service.

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