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From short-term work experience to longer internships, find out about the variety of opportunities to work with us.

A full list of the Library’s current vacancies is available through our British Library Recruitment system.


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Case studies from our staff

…Our team is constantly learning and developing…

We have been at the forefront of digitisation and digital preservation projects for over two decades.

…You won't find these kind of challenges in many other organisations…

Whilst we’re structured like many other IT teams, what we do day-to-day ultimately leads to the preservation of our history and collective knowledge. And, because our collection is very diverse, it could be print or sound based.

…The sheer size of the place means there are great development opportunities…

We help people find and use material held in some of the most unusual and hard to search parts of our collection – answering questions from Readers as well as those phoned in or sent to us as emails and letters, or via our QuestionPoint and Chat services.