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  • David Normal and Burning Man

    Artist David Normal used British Library images as source material for his arresting artworks.

  • Eleanor Stuart

    Using our online collection: Eleanor Stuart: Illustrator

  • Oluwaseun Obasola

    Oluwaseun is a Chevening Fellow working at the British Library on a project tagged ‘Big Data and Libraries’. The project...

  • Pieter Francois

    Library experts helped Peter develop a new digital research tool

  • Political Meetings Mapper

    Where did the Chartists hold their meetings? Dr Katrina Navickas used digitised 19th-century newspapers to find out.

  • Ruth Byrne

    Ruth uses the digitised newspaper collection to explore attitudes towards immigration in nineteenth century Britain.

  • Victorian Meme Machine

    Dr Bob Nicholson used digitised 19th-century books and newspapers to bring Victorian jokes back to life.