Annie Campbell

Annie Campbell
Based in Glasgow (UK), Annie Campbell is the founder of Campbell Medical Illustration. Annie used the Business & IP Centre National Network to refine her product offering. 
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BIPC Glasgow helped tremendously, especially the online resources. I'm surprised that there's so much valuable information that's freely available.

All of Annie’s team have Master’s degrees in Science Communication, which she believes makes them specialists in medical storytelling. 

“We help our clients explain to their audience how their medical device works or how their drug affects your body by creating eye-catching medical illustrations and engaging 3D animations that captivate their customers and differentiates them from their competitors.”

Annie used one of the Business & IP Centre’s National Network, BIPC Glasgow, based in the Mitchell Library, for their resources relating to her business. 

“The BIPC in Glasgow has helped tremendously, especially the online resources. We work a lot with content licensing - the BIPC online articles about IP, copyright, and licensing have really helped us in our product offerings. I'm surprised that there's so much valuable information that's freely available.”

It’s not just her industry which gives Annie inspiration, she draws techniques and ideas from various different multi-media.

“When I'm not at work, I'm likely to be found playing computer games or watching movies and animations. I like to incorporate techniques from these varying industries into the work that we do. Throughout the years, I've also found myself going back to books that teach the fundamentals of art and learning techniques that can be translated across any software. I highly recommend Andrew Loomis' instructional books on illustration to any budding illustrator out there. Also, James Gurney's book on colour and light is an educational gem.”

The business continues to grow with Annie welcoming new members to the team.

“Last year we welcomed a partner owner into the company. I'm so excited about this union as Emily and I have very similar visions. It's also great to have someone to lean on as we grow. We’re a small unit right now but we're looking forward to growing our team and building a new brand that presents our newly united studio."

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Key points

  • Annie used BIPC Glasgow for business resources.
  • Campbell Medial Illustrations uses animations and illustrations to explain to their clients’ audiences how their medical device or drug works.