British Library Digitisation Services

Item being digitised by photography

Leeds Central Library, ProQuest and our Digitisation Services staff explain how and why you should use the British Library for all your digitisation needs

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We knew what we wanted to digitise and what was quiet nice was that they were actually quiet excited about it too

Key points

  • Who better to handle your materials than a national library with decades of experience preserving and digitising historic collections?
  • 24 hour security, controlled storage environments and a thorough audit trail guarentee secure storage for your physical items and digital holdings.
  • With studios at the British Library in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire and St Pancras in London, nowhere is out of reach

Case studies

…“It was really easy working with the BL to get our older theses scanned"…

The British Library worked with the University of Warwick on a project to convert more than 1000 doctoral theses from microfilm to digital using the Library’s state of the art microfilm scanner.

…"British Library Imaging Services are uniquely placed to supply quality digital images of back catalogue and rare material"…

British Library Imaging Services and Taylor & Francis have a long standing partnership which sees Imaging Services supply digitised copies of the Taylor and Francis back catalogue.

…A quick look at the British Library's extensive holdings confirmed they had what we needed to make the complete archive…

Guilford Publications made use of the British Library collections when digitising with British Library Imaging Services.

…British Library Imaging Services have backed up their reputation with a quality service to deliver scans and metadata…

British Library Imaging Services brought thousands of items from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s archives back to life and introduced them to new audiences