Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros is the Chair of the Cataloguing and Indexing Group (CIG), a special interest group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). The British Library collaborated with CIG and CILIP to deliver continuing professional development courses, aimed mainly at cataloguers.

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...to draw on the expertise of British Library trainers has been invaluable...

We are fortunate to have knowledgeable and dedicated committee members. But we would not be able to offer the range of training events our members need without the support of an organisation like the British Library. Being able to draw on the expertise of British Library trainers has been invaluable, and we are delighted that CIG members have been able to benefit from this collaboration.

Our 2017 Business Plan states that, 'The Cataloguing and Indexing Group (CIG) exists to support members working in, or interested in, the creation, organisation, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of bibliographic data as well as subject indexing. It is actively engaged in the promotion, maintenance, and development of bibliographic standards. CIG promotes and supports members and the profession as a whole by running conferences, training events and visits.'

When CILIP stopped offering a programme of regular training events it left a void in the provision of training on a whole range of library skills. It made it very difficult for us to support our members with their training needs. This is particularly challenging at a time when our members continue to have a real need for training in traditional areas such as the application of Library of Congress Subject Headings. They are also trying get to grips with a new cataloguing standard, RDA (Resource Description and Access).

Key points

  • The British Library provides continuing professional development courses on bibliographic standards for resource description, classification and indexing
  • The courses were developed to meet the needs of cataloguers
  • Courses are designed to deliver useful training in one day
  • Working with the Cataloguing and Indexing Group enables many more cataloguers to benefit from our courses
  • Training combines theory and practical activities
  • In addition to the UK, versions of the courses have been delivered to cataloguers in Belgium, Egypt, Iceland, and the Netherlands


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