Imran Merza and Taz Basunia, Jealous Sweets

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I was just fascinated by how much information was here and it was all free

Key points

  • Imran Merza and Taz Basunia spotted a gap in the market for a new luxury brand and founded Jealous, a premium confectionery company aimed at grown-ups as opposed to children. 
  • Their mission to bring creditability back to candy started in the Centre where they were able to freely access reports on their market, gain advice on how to protect their brand and meet other aspiring entrepreneurs. 
  • Their products are now on the shelves of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Le Bon Marche in Paris.

Find out how Imran Merza and Taz Basunia, Jealous Sweets, used the Business & IP Centre to start their business