Jeff Harding

Jeff Harding
Audio-book narrator Jeff Harding, registered for his PLR share in an astonishing 658 audio books when the extension of UK PLR to non-print material was first introduced in July 2014. He currently has over 700 titles registered.  Jeff describes the skills of narration and explains what PLR means to him.
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“I expected pennies and I got pounds! Quite a few more than I had expected. How many times in somebodies life do you get something for nothing?”

Trained as an actor in the USA and with a number of film and TV credits to his name, Jeff Harding has been recording audio-books since he first moved to the UK. Having started small by  recording for the charity Talking Books (now Listening Books), he became a full time narrator five years ago – and he loves it! He has recorded Clive Cussler’s Robert Ludlum titles, a slew of Lee Child thrillers including his best-selling, and most-borrowed, Jack Reacher  series, and the darkly humorous novels of Carl Hiassen and Lemony Snicket. Most recently, he has just recorded Homer’s The Illiad - 853 pages in verse! Preparing to read any book is a challenge to be taken seriously. Jeff’s preparation for each title is meticulous, “I read it very slowly moving my lips but not saying it out loud. I mark-up difficulties and I look up how to pronounce names. I make a character list so that I know exactly who is who – that helps to get the conversation right!’  But, preparation aside, Jeff’s biggest tip is “keep it lively”.

It was Jeff’s audio-book publisher Isis who put him onto registering the titles for PLR and provided him with most of the ISBNs. “I knew the audio-books were sold into libraries but we get very little feedback. I certainly didn’t know how often they were going out."

Key points

  • To qualify for PLR payments, applicants must apply to register their books
  • Narrators, producers, abridgers can all register for UK PLR on audio-books (in addition to writers and translators)
  • In order to qualify for UK PLR an audio-book must have an ISBN
  • 25,196 audio-books were registered in 2014-15 (the first year that audio-books became eligible for UK PLR)
  • You can apply for both UK and Irish PLR through the UK PLR office.  However, non-print material does not qualify for registration with the Irish PLR scheme
  • Further information on registration of audio-books and other non-print material can be found here


Public Lending Right (PLR)

PLR is every eligible author's legal right to be remunerated when their books are borrowed freely from public libraries