Mia Ridge, Digital Curator, Digital Research Team and Western Heritage Collections

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Mia's team ensures the Library is equipped for scholars’ digital needs.

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It's a privilege to work with collections as vast and varied

Not only am I excited about my work with fascinating historical collections and digital technologies, I have some great colleagues with a range of backgrounds who can offer different perspectives on our work too.

One of the best things about my role is that no two days are the same. One day I might be teaching on our digital scholarship training course at the Library or giving a talk at an institution abroad. The next, I’ll be at my desk writing, catching up on reading or meeting with other curators to discuss their projects. I also regularly talk to people in IT and metadata services, students undertaking computer science research projects, scholars using the Library's digital collections, our crowdsourcing volunteers, Library curators and colleagues in other institutions.

A job like this, where I can think about the implications of digital technologies and tools for research libraries and their users, is a chance to make a real difference. Figuring out what might be important to scholars in the years ahead and helping the Library prepare for that is hard work, but rewarding too.

I think enabling access to our shared cultural heritage is vitally important, whether it's for research or enjoyment. Helping people apply digital technologies to collections enables them to ask research questions at scales that weren't previously possible – and that means they can then help others better understand the past.

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