Seema Rampersad, Research Services – Business & IP Centre

An advisor sitting in the Business and IP Centre with a user

Seema is a Business Librarian in the Business & IP Centre providing reference and research services to readers, entrepreneurs and other external business customers.

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I find my role hugely fulfilling

If I’m on ‘desk-duty’ first thing at the Business & IP Centre, I head straight to the Reading Rooms where all our information resources are located. My colleagues and I take it in turns to cover the Enquiry Desk, where we answer questions from customers, assist with our impressive set of business databases and give information advice.

During the course of the day however, I might also conduct business one-to-one advice clinics, workshops, webinars, paid research or project work, market our services or deal with some of the general enquiries we receive online.

I like helping customers with their research and information needs by assisting them with their enquiries and training on our systems. I’d say that half of our customers each day are brand new. Most come in with a business idea but are unsure of what resources are available to help them get started. That’s where we spring into action!

Working at the Library means I get to see our exhibitions and sometimes wander around the Treasures Gallery (it’s free, you should check it out!) I also enjoy attending some of the many talks that the Library puts on.

Mostly though, I love the sense of satisfaction I feel when meeting really interesting people, including the many seasoned and budding entrepreneurs who come into the building. I also like the fact that the Library is cross-cultural as well as corporate and that I’m able to tap into those various threads when needed.

I’m a real advocate for libraries and librarians as a profession and see real value in investing in them as they benefit people in all walks of life. I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that I find my role hugely fulfilling!

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