Justin Clegg, Special Collections Reference Manager

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We help people find and use material held in some of the most unusual and hard to search parts of our collection – answering questions from Readers as well as those phoned in or sent to us as emails and letters, or via our QuestionPoint and Chat services.

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The sheer size of the place means there are great development opportunities

I’m responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Reference service within our Manuscripts, Maps, Asian & African Studies and Rare Books & Music Reading Rooms. That means constantly looking to develop and improve services within these rooms and across Reference as a whole, as well as managing and developing my Team Leaders and their staff. I also organise Discovery Sessions for Readers, which involves planning, promoting, leading and evaluating a working group and liaising with people across the Library, including Collections, Learning and Design via email, phone and face-to-face.

What do I like most about the job? The opportunity to have an influence on improving services for Readers, to help grow and develop the staff I manage and to meet with people inside and outside of the Library and learn more about their work and their needs. I really enjoy helping people and getting thanked for the work I do. I also like the fact that my colleagues are great, the collection material is fantastic and the Library isn’t just well known and respected as an institution but supportive as an employer too. The sheer size of the place also means there are great development opportunities and the chance to work with a diverse range of Readers and staff.

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