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Imaging Services at work

British Library Imaging Services and Taylor & Francis have a long standing partnership which sees Imaging Services supply digitised copies of the Taylor & Francis back catalogue.

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"British Library Imaging Services are uniquely placed to supply quality digital images of back catalogue and rare material"

Key points

  • British Library Imaging Services and Taylor & Francis have worked together for over ten years
  • Hundreds of thousands of pages have been digitised during the partnership
  • High resolution PDFs are produced from original prints, sourced at the British Library

British Library Imaging Services has a long standing partnership with Taylor & Francis which has been going for over ten years.  The British Library is able to provide Taylor & Francis with digital copies of their past collections, using items from the British Library's collections.  The British Library has one of the greatest resources of research material in the world, with over 90 million items in the collection.  A partnership with Imaging Services allows publishers, such as Taylor & Francis, to access their items from this collection.

Chris Longhurst, a Digital Content Manager at Taylor & Francis, explains that they use British Library Imaging Services for digitisation because “they are uniquely placed to supply quality digital images of back catalogue and rare materials that we would otherwise be unable to acquire”. 

The relationship between the two partners began ten years ago and continues to this day.  Chris praised Imaging Services as being “more efficient, with less risk of delay”.  Further to this, Taylor & Francis work with British Library Imaging Services because there are “fewer organisational overheads and less handling of hard copies with all the risks and logistical arrangements attendant on that."  This once again highlights the privileged position of British Library Imaging Services partners having access to the British Library's vast collections.

The digitised images are supplied to Taylor & Francis in high resolution PDFs.  The continued collaboration has seen hundreds of thousands of pages of Taylor & Francis content digitised.

Case studies

…“It was really easy working with the BL to get our older theses scanned"…

The British Library worked with the University of Warwick on a project to convert more than 1000 doctoral theses from microfilm to digital using the Library’s state of the art microfilm scanner.

…A quick look at the British Library's extensive holdings confirmed they had what we needed to make the complete archive…

Guilford Publications made use of the British Library collections when digitising with British Library Imaging Services.

…British Library Imaging Services have backed up their reputation with a quality service to deliver scans and metadata…

British Library Imaging Services brought thousands of items from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s archives back to life and introduced them to new audiences

…It's possible for researchers anywhere in the world to study the manuscripts in greater detail than would ever be possible with the naked eye.…

The imaging team rose to challenge of digitising 350 rare Greek manuscripts, producing over 120,000 beautiful images