After that to a booksellers and bought...for the love of the binding...three books.
- Samuel Pepys

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This database is a finding aid to the British Library's bookbindings. It aims to provide information and images of selected bindings of books printed in western Europe from the fifteenth century to date. Bindings of other formats (notably manuscripts) and from other regions (including Asia, the Middle East and Africa) will gradually be added, presenting a more representative sample from the Library’s rich collection. The Library’s partner, the National Library of the Netherlands has contributed some of its unparalleled Dutch bindings. The database is a work in progress and its scope will be widened as resources allow.

You can
   •   view a random selection of bindings images in the picture gallery;
   •   perform a keyword search;
   •   carry out a more advanced search by combining search terms from the descriptive categories;
   •   browse the terms in the descriptive categories listed to the left of the advanced search boxes;
   •   follow up your search using the bibliography.

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