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Shelfmark Add Ms 89000
Held By BL
Country England
Period 7c
Cover Material Goatskin (includes morocco, turkey etc)
Decorative Technique Moulded ; Painted; Tooled in gold
Style Abstract; Circle; Leaf
Edges Plain
Owner Cuthbert, Saint (d687)
Title The St Cuthbert Gospel of St John. (formerly known as the Stonyhurst Gospel) is the oldest intact European book.
Place of Publication
Date of Publication 7c
Notes The sections of the parchment pages are linked by chain stitch (as with Coptic sewing) and the boards are also sewn on. The lower cover is decorated in a different design by another method. This manuscript copy of the Gospel of St John was produced in the North of England in the late 7th century and was buried alongside St Cuthbert on Lindisfarne, apparently in 698, and later found in the saint’s coffin at Durham Cathedral in 1104. It has a beautifully-worked original red leather binding in excellent condition, and is the only surviving high-status manuscript from this crucial period in British history to retain its original appearance, both inside and out. There is a demonstration of Coptic sewing on For Coptic bindings see Or. 5001, Or. 6801, Or.7027 and Or. 7597 Or.3367, Or.7029, Or.7023, Or.7022, Or. 7024-5,) Add Ms 37002 Add Ms 39627 Or 3367 Or 5000 Or 5008 Or 7022-7029 Or 7594 Or 7597
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