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Shelfmark 11641d70
Held By BL
Country England
Period 19c
Cover Material Cloth, morocco horizontal grain
Decorative Technique Blocked in gold; Blocked in blind
Style Publishers binding
Edges Gilt
BookBinder Gray, John
Author Scott, Sir Walter
Title The Lady of the Lake. With all his introductions, various readings, and the Editor's notes. Illustrated by numerous engravings on wood from drawings by Birket Foster and John Gilbert.
Place of Publication Edinburgh
Date of Publication 1853
Notes This design attributed to John Leighton. Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, North Bridge, 1853. Edinburgh: Printed by R. & R. Clark. 134x205x41. 375p., 2 plates. The frontispiece and half title page plates are signed: "J.M.W. Turner, R.A. W. Miller." The engravings bound into the text are by J.W. Whymper and Edmund Evans. There are similarities to "The Lay of the Last Minstrel", particularly for the spine design. BL 11642.e.27, published by Black in 1854. Gilt edges. Bevelled boards. Binder's ticket on lower pastedown: "/ Bound by/ John Gray/ [rule]/ Edinburgh/". Brown morocco horizontal-grain cloth. Both covers identically blocked in gold and in blind. A single fillet is blocked in gold on the borders. Inside this, a wide border is blocked, with medieval decoration. A shield is blocked in gold on each corner. Coats of arms - top left and bottom right: argent, crescent, and two five-point stars, vert; top right and bottom left: argent, "toy spinning wheel", three diamonds in bend. On the centre at the head, a hound is blocked; on the centre at the tail, a stag is blocked. Each is blocked within an oval formed by two gold fillets. On each side at the centre, figures are blocked in arched niches with decorated gothic arches. The figure on the left is headed "/ Roderic Dhu/"; the figure on the right is headed "/ Fitz James/" - each of these titles is blocked in gold within ribbons above the niches. The ribbons are blocked with quatrefoils formed by two gold fillets. Below each figure, the titles: left - "/ Malcolm/ Graeme/" and right - "/ Ellen/ Douglas/" are blocked below the niches in ribbons within quatrefoils. The central rectangle has rounded corners, and is recessed. A single gold fillet is blocked on its borders, above the recess. Within the recess, two fillets are blocked in blind on its borders. On the centre, the title words: "/ The/ Lady/ of the/ Lake/" are blocked in gold, in gothic letters. The spine is blocked in gold. A single fillet is blocked on the perimeter. From the head downwards, the decoration is: the title: "/ The/ Lady/ of/ the/ Lake" blocked in gold, within a decorated panel; the words: "/ Authors/ Edition/ Illustrated/" are blocked in gold, within a hatched gold lettering-piece shaped as a ribbon - all within a quatrefoil; gothic decoration; within a gothic arch, a lady stands in a boat on water, holding a pole; the words: "/ A & C Black Edinburgh/" are blocked in gold, in gothic letters between two gold fillets. Text copyright Edmund M. B. King.
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