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Shelfmark C128c14
Held By BL
Country Denmark
Period 16c
Cover Material Calf
Decorative Technique Tooled in blind; Tooled in gold
Style Panel design; Medallion or plaquette
Edges Plain
Title [Den rette Ordinants som paa Herre dagen i Ottense bleff offurseet oc beseglet, huorledis Kircketienisten skal holdis vdi Danmarckis oc Norgis Riger, oc de Hertugdommer Slesuig, Holsten. (Giffuet Aar M.L.xxxix. den fjortende dag i Junii Maanet.) [Translated by P. Palladius. With “Pia et Vere Catholica et consentiens veteri Ecclesia [sic] Ordinati Ceremoniarum pro Canonicis et Monasteriis.” By J. Bugenhagen, Pommer.] Her bag i Bogen findis ocsaa de Sex oc tiffue Artickle som bleffue samtycte oc beseglede i Ribe. (Giffuet Aar etc. M.D.xlii.) Prentet ... paa ny igen. [With a portrait of Christian III.] MS. notes.] Denmark. ff. clix. Prentet aff Hans Støckelman & Andrea Gutteruitz; paa Baltzer Kausis Bekaastnina. Kiøbenhaffn, 1574. 1574
Place of Publication Copenhagen
Date of Publication 1574
Notes May be Danish. 2 clasps catching on to the upper cover. 6 metal bosses of the original 8 remain. 3 raised spine bands. Binding repaired. Wooden boards. 2 different portraits of women on each cover . On the upper cover, Justice with sword and scales on the lower cover Lucretia ?
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