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Shelfmark 12807ee35
Held By BL
Country England
Period 19c
Cover Material cloth, sand grain
Decorative Technique Blocked in gold; Blocked in blind; Blocked in relief
Style Publishers binding
Edges Gilt
BookBinder Bone & Son of London
Author Broderip, Frances Freeling
Title Tales of the toys, told by themselves. With illustrations by Tom Hood. [Monogram of Griffith and Farran.]
Place of Publication London
Date of Publication 1869
Notes The design is by Albert Henry Warren. London: Griffith and Farran, (successors to Newbery and Harris,) Corner of St. Paul's Churchyard, 1869. [London:] Wertheimer, Lea and Co., printers, Finsbury Circus. 129x175x26mm. [2], 220p. 5 plates. The plates are hand coloured. They are signed with the monogram "TH" [i.e. Tom Hood] and "Ferrier Sc." [i.e. probably Charles Anderson Ferrier]. On page four of the publisher's titles at the end: “Super Royal 16mo., price 3s. 6d.cloth elegant, 4s. 6d. coloured gilt edges.” Gilt edges. [No original endpapers or pastedowns.] Binder's ticket on lower pastedown: "/Bound by/ W. Bone & Son./ 76, Fleet St./ London E.C./". [Ball no. 17D.] Purple sand-grain cloth. Both covers blocked identically in blind on the borders, on the corners and on the sides. A single fillet is blocked in blind on the borders. Extended leaf decoration is blocked in relief on each corner. A curved inner thin fillet, blocked in blind, forms a central frame. The upper cover central vignette is blocked in gold. There are three ribbon-shaped gold lettering-pieces blocked near the centre. The words:"/Tales of the toys/ told by themselves/ by Frances Freeling Broderip/" are blocked in relief within the ribbons. A coiled rope and a thin fillet twines around and behind the ribbons, forming a fleur-de-lis shape at the head and at the base of the vignette. The very centre shows a Chinese figure, a copy of the one reproduced in the plate opposite page 38. Signed "AW" in gold as separate letters underneath the figure. The spine is blocked in gold, in blind and in relief. From the head downwards, the decoration is: three gold fillets, one thick between two thin; a kite and tail streamers; in front of the kite, four rectangular gold lettering-pieces are blocked; the words:" Tales/ of the toys/ told by themselves/ by/ Frances Freeling Broderip./" are blocked in relief within the lettering-pieces; three pendular stars, blocked in relief within a panel; small stem and bud decoration; two fillets blocked in blind; two thin gold fillets; the words: "London/ Griffith & Farran/" are blocked in relief within a rectangular gold lettering-piece at the tail. Text copyright Edmund M B King.
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