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Shelfmark 11526f1
Held By BL
Country England
Period 19c
Cover Material Paper, printed
Decorative Technique Printed/other transfer process
Style Publishers binding
Author Beahr, Julius
Title [Die unartigen Kinder.] Naughty Boys and Girls. Translated by Madame de Chatelain. [i.e. Clara de Chatelain] [In verse.] Illustrated by T. Hosemann [i.e. probably Theodor Hosemann].
Place of Publication [London]
Date of Publication [1852]
Notes Each opening printed on the verso and recto only. The illustrations appear to be hand coloured. Green paper over boards. The lower cover has a repeating pattern of ‘lotus flower’ decoration. Inside this, a list of publisher’s titles is printed. The upper cover is green dyed. A pair of branches, printed on the borders in brown and in white, intertwine at the corners, at centred head and centre sides to form straps. Above the central oval, the title: “/ Naughty boys & girls [in a semi-circle]/” is printed in ‘rustic’ letters. Below the central oval, the words: “/ With coloured pictures/” are printed. The central oval is framed by a ‘branch like’ fillet, with two straps underneath it, and one strap at its centre head. It shows the figure of a ‘Father Christmas’ figure, in a red robe, with a red, white fur-trimmed hat,, with a sack of presents over his right shoulder. Text copyright Edmund M B King.
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