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Royal Grecian Theatre, Shoreditch. "Hand and Glove!", 1874

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Heading or VenueRoyal Grecian Theatre
TitleRoyal Grecian Theatre, City Road. Sole proprietor Mr. Geo Conquest. Every evening until further notice! The most interesting drama of the day. The most original drama of the day. The intensely dramatic domestic story, in 3 acts, constructed and written by George Conquest and Paul Meritt, entitled Hand & glove! "The dramatic novelty of the day." (Vide public press and public opinion). Mr. Geo. Conquest as Timothy Hand. Mr. A. Williams as Titus Glove. Mr. Geo. Sennett as Colonel Raven. Mr. Charles Frazer as Doctor Pullman. Miss Emily Miller as Lady Lexboro. Miss M. A. Victor as Fanny Egerton. Miss Emmy Barry as the child. Mr. A. Syms as Mr. Benyon. Mr. Reuben Inch as Simpson. Mr. Harvey as Sharp
Size45 x 29 cm.
Imprint[London] : Geo. Stevens, Steam Printer. 21, Langley Place, Commercial Road, E.
IllustrationsWith four albumen prints (9.9 x 7.1 cm) pasted to the poster showing different groups of actors in various scenes from the play; each photograph captioned: Scene from Hand and glove. - With the blind stamp of T. Coleman, photographer. 19 Brunswick Pl
NotesGrecian Royal Theatre was the name of the Grecian Theatre in City Road, Shoreditch (Howard, D. London Theatres and music halls 1850-1950. London, 1970). - George Augustus Conquest took over the management of the Grecian Theatre in 1872, on the death of his father. Alone, or in collaboration, he wrote some 40 pantomimes, celebrated for their brilliant flying ballets and acrobatic effects, and about 100 melodramas. In 1879 he sold the Grecian. - MS. inscription: Saturday June 20th 1874. - Pierced at top for hanging up
GenrePoster; Photographic ephemera
NamesConquest, George, 1837-1901; Meritt, Paul; Williams, A.
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