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Royal Vauxhall Gardens, 1848

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Heading or VenueVauxhall Gardens
PlaceLondon, Vauxhall
TitleRoyal Vauxhall Gardens. For a few night's only. Admission one shilling! The greatest attraction ever offered to the public. - On Monday and during the week, Van Amburgh! With lions, tigers, &c. Boz's Juba as Lucy Long with Pell's serenaders. Horsemanship of the French and English troupe. Clown Mr. T. Barry. Vocal and instrumental concert. Constantinople with brilliant fireworks at eleven o'clock. To conclude with a grand ball. Doors open at half-past 7, commence at 8 o'clock. Open every e[ve]ning except Saturday. Grand view of Constantinople. The grand orchestra. The rotunda theatre. The ballet theatre. The coral cave. The […] Pavilion and musical promenade. The fountain of Neptune. G. W. Pell's serenaders.
Size51 x 64 cm.
Imprint[London] : W. J. Dailey. Litho. New Cut Lambeth
NotesDated from advertisements in The Times for Monday, 28th August, 1848, announcing Van Amburgh, Juba and Pell's Serenaders at Vauxhall.
SubjectCircus; Pantomime (Christmas entertainment)
NamesVan Amburgh, Isaac A., 1800-1868; Lane, William Henry, ca. 1825-1852; Pell, G. W. (Gilbert Ward), 1824 or 5-1872; Barry, Thomas, 1810-1857
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