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South London Palace, Lambeth. "The Long-Lost Sloperius"

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Heading or VenueSouth London Palace
PlaceLondon, Lambeth
TitleSouth London Palace ... The long lost Sloperius ... Invented, and the songs written and composed, by C. Merion ... supported by the celebrated Bros. Leopold … assisted by Miss H. Laurie, Miss A. Leonie, Miss R. Arnoldi, Miss L. Gearish, Miss L. Percival, Miss M. Connolley, and Mr. Gus Connolley, the whole assisted by the South London Corps de Ballet. … Re-engagement of the great Macdermott and Fred Coyne … Bertie Stokes, … Harry Braham … Sisters Richmond … Viscount Walter Munroe … the Two Macs, Mrs. F. R. Phillips … Rousillion & Rosalvo … and 50 other artistes …
Size26 cm.
Imprint[London] : J. Elliot, Printer, 1 and 2, Wych Court, Wych Street, Strand,
NotesDated in MS.: 1881,
SubjectMusic-halls (Variety-theaters, cabarets, etc.); Vaudeville; Operetta
NamesMerion, Charles; Bros. Leopold; Connolley, Gus; Laurie, H.; Leonie, Annie; Arnoldi, Rose; Gearish, L.; Percival, L.; Connolley, Marie; South London Corps de Ballet; MacDermott, G. H. (Gilbert Hastings), 1845-1901; Coyne, Fred, 1845-1886; Stokes, Bertie; Braham, Harry; Sisters Richmond; Munroe, Walter; Two Macs (Variety artistes); Phillips, Mrs.; Rousillion & Rosalvo (Comical gymnasts)
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