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Entertainment at the Royal Surrey Zoological Gardens in 1847

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Heading or VenueRoyal Surrey Zoological Gardens
PlaceLondon, Walworth
TitleFirst exhibition of the new subject by Danson ... Royal Surrey Zoological Gardens, Monday, May 17th, 1847, … An entire new entrance possessing far superior advantages and accommodation has been erected, … conducting the visitor … directly in front of the grand pictoral representation of the town and bay of Gibraltar modelled and painted by Mr. Danson, … The menagerie! … The promenade concerts! … An accurate representation of the celebrated porcelain tower at Nankin, … The gothic bridge of statues has been repainted and decorated, and will lead to a panoramic moonlight view! Of the interior of one of those remarkable fortifications in the Rock of Gibraltar. … The grand display of fire worrs [sic] representing the siege of Gibraltar! … The proprietor has great pleasure in announcing, that during the season, Mons. Jullien will give a series of concerts … The Royal South London Floricultural Society, will hold their grand spring flower show, on Wednesday, May 25th, 1847 …
Size37.5 x 13 cm.
Imprint[London] : J. W. Peel's steam machine, 74, New Cut, Lambeth
SubjectGibraltar; Concerts; Diorama; Panoramas; Fireworks; Flower Shows
NamesDanson, George; Jullien, Louis Antoine, 1812-1860; Royal South London Floricultural Society
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