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Entertainment at Cremorne Gardens, Chelsea, 1876

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Heading or VenueCremorne Gardens
PlaceLondon, Chelsea
TitleRoyal Cremorne Gardens. Proprietor and manager - Mr. John Baum, ... Now open! Dancing on the monstre platform. Two bands. Instrumental concert. De Vere, the conjuror. Comic ballet! by the Lauri's. "The cooks of the kitchen." The Californian minstrels. Grand ballet … Mdme. Sanyeah the wonderful gymnast. Great firework display by Wells. .…
Size44 x 29 cm.
Imprint[London] : J. W. Elliot, theatrical [and general printer, 8 &] 9, White Hart Street, Catherine Street, Strand
NotesPrinted in red and blue ink. - Dated in MS. on the reverse: 76. - The Cremorne Gardens opened in 1831 as Cremorne Stadium for sports. In the 1840s, under the management of Renton Nicholson, it became a pleasure garden and included circus, theatres and side shows. John Baum was the manager in 1870 and from 1874 until 1877, when the Gardens closed after protests by the Chelsea Vestry (Howard, D. London Theatres and music halls 1850-1950. London, 1970). - Torn around edges with some loss of imprint
SubjectGardens, English; Ballet dancing; Fireworks; Magic tricks; Dancing; Concerts; Bands; Gymnasts
NamesBaum, John; De Vere, Charles; Lauri, J. (John), d. 1881; Lauri, Charles; Sanyeah, Mdme.; Wells, J.
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