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Plough Inn, Burstow. Lewis's Marionettes and Concert Party, 1883

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Heading or VenuePlough Inn
PlaceSurrey, Burstow
TitleFun for everybody! Lewis's marionettes and concert party will open at the [space for insertion of venue] ... Mr. T. C. Lewis begs the inhabitants of this neighbourhood not to confound this entertainment with the indifferent exhibitions that usually visit small towns and villages, … Part 1. Old Tim talkative & his wooden-headed family! Selections from the fantastic Fantoccini! ... The renowned life-sized acting marionettes in an original pantomime, … entitled Cinderella or, The little glass slipper! … Part 2. A concert in which the following artistes will appear: - Mr. T. C. Lewis, the original singer of original songs. … Miss Ada Fuseli, characteristic singer and comic orator. Mrs. Lewis, serio-comic vocalist and harmonium soloist. Solos on the harp! …
Size89 x 29 cm.
Imprint[Birmingham] : James Upton, Baskerville Steam Printing Works, Great Charles Street, Birmingham
IllustrationsWith an illustration from the pantomime Cinderella
NotesThe space for the insertion of the venue has been completed in MS. To read: Plough Inn, Burstow, Tuesday, Octr. 16th 1883 for 3 nights only. - Printed in red and blue ink
SubjectMarionettes; Pantomime (Christmas entertainment); Concerts; Cinderella (Tale)
NamesFuseli, Ada; Lewis, T. C.; Lewis, Mrs.
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