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Royal Victoria Hall, Lambeth. Poole's Grand Pictorial Tours, 1885

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Heading or VenueRoyal Victoria Hall
PlaceLondon, Lambeth
TitlePoole's Grand pictorial tours established 1840. Great Britains most popular entertainments. First visit to South London. Royal Victoria Hall, … For a short season only, commencing Monday, June 1, … Pooles' latest, greatest, & most successful enterprise, a grand entirely new mastodon diorama, entitled "Trips abroad" to all the most interesting parts of the globe; … Messrs. Poole's new exhibition the Soudan war! … Pooles' new mastodon diorama illustrating a grand tour round the world! Visiting Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia, and New Zealand, showing the manners, customs, sports and pastimes of the civilized and uncivilized nations of the earth. … The whole accompanied and enlivened by Pooles' Acme Concert Company of star artistes, specially selected for individual merit, and splendid bands, brass and string. …
Size76.5 cm.
Imprint[Birmingham] : James Upton, Baskerville steam-printing works, Great Charles Street, Birmingham
IllustrationsThe text is bordered by illustrations of scenes from the exhibition, and by figures in uniform and ethnic dress
NotesDated in MS.: 1885. - Another copy at Evan.1899
SubjectDiorama; Voyages and travels; Tableaux; Sudan - History; Exploration; Alexandria (Egypt) - History - Bombardment, 1882
NamesPoole, Charles W.; Acme Concert Company
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